Catbird Seat

Canadian Electronic Ensemble

Label: Trappist Recordings
Order No: 9003
Robert Cram, flute
The Armin Electric Strings, violin, viola, cello
Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano
Lawrence Cherney, oboe
Joseph Petric, accordion

Commemorative 20th Anniversary disc from the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, with music by Larry Lake, David Jaeger and James Montgomery.

Canadian Electronic Ensemble: Catbird Seat
Larry Lake: Israfel
Jim Montgomery: Wildfire
David Jaeger: Quivi Sospiri
Jim Montgomery: Hut
Canadian Electronic Ensemble: Davies

The Classical Free-Reed
"Quivi Sospiri finds Christina Petrowska (an outstanding Canadian pianist who also appeared on Joseph Petric's Gems CD), once again setting the high standard for artistic excellence. Her interpretation and sensitivity on this track, as well as her interaction with the electronic music and the computer are remarkable ... She is a truly gifted pianist."

- The Classical Free-Reed