Label: Wellspringe Productions (main website) (mobile website)
WEL 0008

Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano

Ann Southam, David Jaeger, Alexina Louie, Omar Daniel, Gavin Bryars, Henry Cowell, Lowell Liebermann, David Del Tredici, Masamitsu Takahashi, Bill Westcott, Art Tatum, Olivier Messiaen, Toru Takemitsu, Pierre Boulez

Ethereal, evocative, driving, even dancy and cheeky – Ings is a two-hour adventure in piano music that ranges from the spiritual and sacred to blues, boogies and jazz – from the Catholic vision of Messiaen and the cosmic Star Filled Night of Alexina Louie, to Henry Cowell’s invocative Ings, and to the jazzy east-west blending of Masamitsu Takahashi’s Capriccio for Piano, devilish boogies and ragtime by Bill Westcott, and the virtuosic jazz of Art Tatum. Performances were all recorded for CBC Radio broadcast in recent years by award-winning pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico, student of legendary teachers and composers of the 20th century. The piano music of the 20th and early 21st centuries could not find a more convincing advocate!

MusicWeb International : Classical CD Reviews
"This is one of the most fascinating selections of music I've ever come across. As a concert of fairly contemporary music, to be listened to in one sitting, it could hardly be bettered for the programme, the order of the pieces, with the lighter pieces at the end, make for a most satisfying whole. I imagine that all the tracks were recorded live because just occasionally you can hear the odd noise from an audience, but in general it is very quiet and attentive throughout."

Globe and Mail
INGS ****

"The Ings of Christina Petrowska Quilico's double CD of contemporary music for piano refer to Henry Cowell's wry set of pieces, Six Ings, but the recording at large calls up a plethora of ing-words: shimmering, for the scintillant patterns of Ann Southam's Glass Houses:  uncompromising, for Pierre Boulez's modernist Premiere Sonate: dazzling, for the wonders of Art Tatum's right hand, resuscitated in two arrangements: amusing, for  Masamitsu Takahashi's bluesy Asian fusion: and blistering, for Frederic Rzewski's tough-husked, soft-centred Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues.  Amazing, too, for the amount of virtuosity and variety Petrowska Quilico has squeezed onto a mere two discs."

- Elissa Poole, Globe and Mail
The WholeNote
Discoveries: recordings reviewed/The Editors Corner

"I'd like to say how impressed I was with the programming of this set. From its opening track, Ann Southam's hypnotically beautiful Glass Houses, to the close almost two and half hours later with Omar Daniel's Surfacing, the journey is a diverse, well-paced and extremely well-executed one that spans the work of fifteen 20th century composers, including four Canadians. One of the most exceptional aspects of this set is the fact that these exciting and seemingly flawless performances were all recorded live. ... All in all this is a compelling and eclectic journey through the annals of 20th century composition."

- David Olds, The WholeNote
"Anyone wanting to study influences and trends could do no better than to begin with these polished and sensitive performances. ... Madame Petrowska-Quilico, an accomplished artist, is a reliable guide to this repertoire, which she has made her own. Her pianism is stylish, her technique well-honed, and the sound firm and bright. The interpretive qualities are on the same impressive level: not shy of plunging into difficulty, the artist does so with a confident sureness of touch.

These pieces, so diverse in origin, are brought vividly to life, and each given loving treatment. The musicality is deft and knowing, and the intelligence informing the performances generous and warm. This is an album for the Ipod or MP3 player of anyone interested in the contemporary piano repertoire -- it's already been transferred to mine."

- J H Stape,
Canadian Association of Music Libraries
"What is perhaps the most markedly impressive aspect of this collection is the fantastic energy that Petrowska Quilico brings to even the most distant musical extreme without compromising her technique.  The dynamic range of sensitivity and boldness that she brings to every piece on this album is truly remarkable.  This is a terrific example of the human energy that is at the core of all music, and that is often lost in the face of extended techniques, new notations, and philosophical abstractions."

- Michael Berger, Stanford University, in CAML Review (Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres)