Northern Sirens

Label: York Fine Arts
Order No: YFA 00999

Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano

Eleven short piano pieces written by Canadian female composers, including Alexina Louie, Diana McIntosh, Larysa Kuzmenko, Heather Schmidt and Ann Southam.

Ann Southam: Glass Houses (1981)
Alexina Louie: Music for Piano (1993)
Larysa Kuzmenko: Diabolic Dance (1997)
Ann Southam: Rivers (1981)
Larysa Kuzmenko: In Memoriam (1997)
Heather Schmidt: Solus (1996)
Diana McIntosh: Worlds Apart (1988)

American Record Guide
"Canadian pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico plays the music of her countrywomen with style, express, and understanding. She has a remarkably luminous tone that draws the listener to the music in a way that not many pianists can manage."

- American Record Guide
Le Devoir
«La pianiste nage là-dedans avec un aisance suprème, en fait, est terriblement ardu à réussir. La qualité d'inspiration de la compositrice insuffle une précision et un amour à l'interprète que la prise de son rend très bien; insistez pour vous le procurer.»

"The pianist swims in it with supreme ease, in fact (it) is terribly difficult to succeed.  The quality of the composer's inspiration instills a precision and a love to the performer that the recording captures well; insist on getting it for yourself."

- François Tousignant, Le Devoir
The Ottawa Citizen
"The music on this disc is both poetic and intriguing, and in the hands of such a lucid and sympathetic exponent as Christiana Petrowska (her performances are models of clarity), these scores become quite accessible."

- Richard Perry, The Ottawa Citizen
New Canadian music - with some bite to it!
"The unifying element here is that they are all short piano pieces written by Canadian women composers and all played with easy expertise by Christina Petrowska. ... Alexina Louie's "Music for Piano", a five-piece suite, strikes a wonderful balance between an impressionistic, romantic quality and a muscular insistence in the melodies that does credit to Petrowska's command of touch. These are all pieces written by and for top-notch pianists, and take full advantage of the vast range of possibilities offered by the instrument."

- Naomi Lester, Monday Magazine (Victoria BC)