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Selected Review Quotes from Live Performances

The 25 best Canadian classical pianists

Alexina Louie Concerto

Larysa Kuzmenko Concerto

Ligeti Etudes

Excerpted from Sound Mind

In Memoriam: To the Victims of Chernobyl

Rivers – Toronto Dance Theatre's world premiere of dance work by Christopher House

Visions: Rhapsodies & Fantasias – Concert launching Centrediscs CDs

Piano Ecstasy – Soundstreams Concert featuring 8 pianists on 6 pianos

WHO'S WHO | Christina Petrowska Quilico

Ottawa Citizen: Finding peace in contemporary music

Colin Eatock : Beautiful and Virtuosic

The New York Times : Exquisitely Controlled Sonorities

Herald Tribune : Ten Fingers That Sound Like 20

The New York Times : Miss Petrowska, Coolness Itself

The New York Times : Fine Piano Recital by Miss Petrowska

The New York Times : Capacity Audience Enthusiastically Appreciative

The Toronto Star : Christina Petrowska Quilico, Astonishing Pianist

Edmonton Journal : Intoxicating Poetic Pianism

Los Angeles Times : Petrowska Plays Avant-Garde Piano

The Toronto Star : Canadian Pianist and Composer Pull Us Under, Happily So

The Toronto Star : A Powerful Aesthetic Experience

The Toronto Star : Exuberant Opening Gesture

Opening of Recital Hall at York University

The Globe and Mail : Going with the Flow

Rivers CD Launch Concert

National Post : Go Big Or Go Home

The Toronto Star : Pierre Boulez Honoured For Contemporary Composition

The National Post : Ligeti Études

The Welland Tribune : Crisp Technique and Assured Vitality

The Toronto Star : Contemporary piano music premiered

The Toronto Star : Varied viva virtuosi…

Globe and Mail : Minimalist Music, Marvellous Effect

Winnipeg Free Press : Piano recital a delight

Border Crossings : Piano recital a delight

The Ottawa Citizen : Something for everyone in recital

The Toronto Star : Female composers

The Globe and Mail : One Tough Program

The New York Times : Canadian Pianist Evokes Varied Modern Influences

The Ottawa Citizen : Viola and Piano... Neal Gripp and Petrowska Quilico

The Ottawa Citizen : Pianist transmits deep feeling

The Montreal Gazette : Wringing Every Ounce of Excitement out of the 20th Century

Le Devoir : 150è concert de la SMCQ, Petrowska, remarquable

La Presse, Montréal : La virtuosité pianistique de Christina Petrowska

Le Devoir : Christina Petrowska, remarquable pianiste

The Montreal Gazette : Christina Petrowska, outstanding Canadian pianist

Edmonton Journal : Petrowska Brégent's piano playing poetic, solo performance exuberant

The New York Times : Dazzling

La Presse, Montréal : Extraordinaire jeune pianiste canadienne

The Montreal Star : Non-pareil Christina Petrowska

Le Devoir : Remarquable interprète du piano

Globe and Mail : Spectacular labor by pianist Petrowska

Gyorgy Ligeti : One of The Absolutely Best Young Pianists

Riverside Press

Edmonton Journal : A Brilliant Performance, Virtuosic Panache

Chronique de Paris : Christina Petrowska, l'interprète fervente de la musique contemporaine

Le Soleil : Débuts remarqués à Paris

The Montreal Star : No secrets held from brilliant young pianist

La Presse : Christina Petrowska, extraordinaire spécialiste de l'injouable musique actuelle pour piano

Le Devoir : Petrowska fait corps avec la musique

The Ottawa Journal : Such Technique Rarely Encountered